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Our aim at Fondo Arte-AS is not only to trade with the work of the most prestigious national and international artists, but also to bridge the gap between art and the public, and promote their appreciation and knowledge of art.
For this reason, we organise and hold courses at our premises (which are free to sign up for) in which famous critics and curators give talks to all who wish to take part, on all kinds of topics related to the world of art: ranging from the history and evolution of art up to its intervention in aspects of everyday life, such as cinema and architecture, to name just two examples.
For information on the courses we shall be holding in the near future, please subscribe to our newsletter Ventana al Arte, and we will contact you via email with the details.

List of courses held up until now:


An Introduction to Contemporary Art
Speaker: Santiago Olmo.
Curator, artist, academic and art critic. Specialising in photography and Central American contemporary art. Appointed director of the
Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (CGAC), in Santiago de Compostela, he has worked for centres such as el Casal Solleric, the IVAM and the Centro Conde Duque, in addition to the Espace Fortan in France.


Art and Everyday Life
Speaker: Santiago Olmo.


Cinema as Art
Speaker: Antonio García Berrio.
Lecturer and cinema critic, cultural adviser and managing director of the 2nd Valencia Biennal.


Approaching Contemporary Art
Speaker: Francisco Carpio.

Lecturer of Aesthetics and contemporary art. Art critic for “ABC Cultural” and art curator.


A Visual Atlas: Art and Knowledge
Speaker: Santiago Olmo.


All you wanted to know about Aesthetics but never dared ask
Speaker: Fernando Castro Flórez.
Philosopher, art critic and lecturer of Aesthetics and Art Theory at the
Universidad Autónoma of Madrid.


New trends in investing and collecting
Speaker: Teresa García Berrio.
Lecturer in Public Law, Jurisprudence, Cultural Law and Contemporary Art Investment Consultations at the
Universidad Complutense of Madrid and the Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset.


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