ECHOES OF MEMORY 2016 // From 12th of November to 28th of February

The project entitled “Echoes of Memory 2016” pays tribute to the river Turia and the city of Valencia (Spain).


Inspired by the history of the river and its evolution over time, the artist Bob Verschueren (Brussels, 1945) creates an ensemble of installations to recall the role of the former tributary and how it has been transformed by man’s intervention.


The main parts of the project are arranged to form a short walk along the number XIV stretch of the aforementioned river, inviting passers-by to “become immersed” in not only a visual, but also sensorial, experience. Echoes of memory becomes a reality through the poetry of Dominique Sintobin and the sounds of the former riverbed generated by two components in the installation.


Listen to the poems of Dominique Sintobin:


The ancient voices of Turia I

The ancient voices of Turia II

Bob Verschueren’s work is based on a bond created between himself and a space, which inspires him to reveal small groups of nature and give them artistic value. Always driven by respect and professionalism, he works on the material giving more importance to the marks left by the experience, which he recreates in a work of art. He invites us to see languages that are present in the landscape, which make up the essence of “this land”.
For Bob neither the beginning nor the end is so important, but the passing of time, the drifting. He redefines work as a process, generating an experience with the place which indicates its new nature to him.


Bob Verschueren :


The work changes and moves, as if it were alive. For me it was an important discovery: that matter can be transformed without any intervention. You begin to realise that this material goes beyond a formal level, that it refers directly to life and provides us with a kind of mirror in which we can see ourselves…

From 13 November to 28 February, the ensembles that comprise the artistic project Echoes of Memory will be installed in the vicinity of the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias) and can be visited free of charge.

For more information about guided tours of the project, send us an e-mail at or call 963 300 123.




PRICE: 30€ + IVA

COORDINATION: Ana Serratosa y Noemi Rubio

TEXTS: Pedro Medina y John K. Grande

PHOTOGRAPHY: Estudio Alfonso Calza


TRANSLATIONS: Savinen translating agency

PRINTED BY: Gráficas Vernetta

EDITION: 2.500 ejemplares

Valencia 2016

ISBN: 978‐84‐617‐8195.


Produced by:



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